Monday, June 19, 2006

First proper post

I like to read other blogs, and when MJ offered to set one up for me I jumped at the chance to have my own. Now that I have it though I'm not at all sure what to write about!! Since being made redundant in 2002, my little world has been very much focused on Matt and the boys, and the house and garden. Not that you'd think so sometimes when there is so much decorating to do, washing up in the sink and an over flowing ironing basket!!

I do feel very fortunate to be able to stay at home and not HAVE to work. I have made friends with lots of the other Mum's from School and Pre-School and it's great to have a coffee and chat with them from time to time. I'm also very lucky to have met all the girls from the crop I go to every Tuesday. The crop is nearly a year old, but I feel like I have known them forever. It is wonderful to share a hobby with such fantastic, like-minded people.

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  • I'm Maria
  • From Berkshire, United Kingdom
  • I have been with my other half Matthew for 7 years, and we have 2 sons Alex and Ben. We are lucky to live on the edge of woodland, in a small village. Alex attends the local Primary School (a 2 minute walk!), and Ben the Pre-School. My Mum and one sister live close by. My little sister is currently living in Australia with her husband where he is working in Brisbane Hospital doing research work.
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