Sunday, September 24, 2006


I cannot believe the amount of progress my small boy has made this week. On Tuesday he was wandering around saying something which I couldn't catch - followed by "where are you". I realised he was copying one of his videos where a woman is looking for her crown. Then Wednesday morning I gave him something and said "here you go", and he reapeted it straight back!!! Not bad going when his entire vocabulary has so far consisted of about 12 words!!

However the biggest breakthrough occurred this weekend. Matt and I had to go to Southend to visit friends in preparation for their wedding next weekend. We dropped the boys off early Saturday morning at my Mum's. She'd made them some dough to play with, and Alex made it into a cake and they added some candles. Ben appeared in the kitchen, pulled up a chair and proceeded to sing "Happy birthday to you"!!!!! She told me about it over the phone and I could hear him saying it in the background! I'm so pleased I could burst!

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