Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Alex's School play this year was "Puss in Boots", and he got to play a zombie!!!! There was an ogre with a whole host of zombies dancing to the "Monster Mash"!!! It was really good, very funny.
Ben was a shepherd in the Nativity today. He was a total star, very well behaved. A few Mum's commented how good he was, and the staff were really pleased with him.

Maria's Mutterings

Maria's Mutterings

School Plays

Yesterday I watched the dress rehersal of Alex's School play. This year they did "Puss in Boots" and Alex played a zombie!!!! There is an ogre in the play who has a whole host of them and they dance to the "Monster Mash"! It was great they all looked fantastic.

Today it was Ben's turn to shine. He played a shepherd in the Nativity. He was so well behaved and looked like he really enjoyed it. Lots of Mum's commented on how good he was, and the staff were all pleased with him. He went to Alex's dress rehersal yesterday too, and I was a little bit worried he would play up, but he was as good as gold.

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